Platform design consulting

At Ricketts Corporation, we see all of our service provider clients as unique. We know that adding Hosted Exchange, Lync, or SharePoint technologies will impact your company’s infrastructure, and we spend time on the front end working with you to determine a platform that and design an implementation plan that meets your business’s needs.

When we begin the consultation process, we want to discuss your hosted exchanged sales processes (including how you structure add-on services), what you want to access via control panel, and how you want to relay information to your clients. We mediate between Microsoft and the most well-known names in control panels to create a user-friendly solution that is structurally sound and easy to navigate.

If you have a vision for how you want your platform to operate, contact us at Ricketts Corporation today and we will begin making your vision a reality. From an initial consultation to a two-day fixed-price site visit at your location, we’re committed to spending time in the initial design stages to ensure that the platform you get is the functional platform you need!