Deployments & Upgrades

There are many reasons to deploy, change or upgrade services. The reasons might be external, such as you have reached end-of-life, or they may be internally driven based on a need to maintain a competitive advantage. Perhaps your platform has grown and you want to change control panels for more versatility, or perhaps you have acquired a child company and need to move or merge services or control panels.

In all cases, planning for platform changes is challenging, and implementation of these changes is complicated because shielding users from any negative impact is critical. Furthermore, adding or changing services can cause other aspects of your platform to break unexpectedly. When this happens, it is important to know you have a consultant you can rely on to get everything working again.

Ricketts Corporation will work with your technical operations team to deploy or upgrade your services. This involves scheduling time when your customers are least likely to be heavily utilizing your platform, making the necessary changes, testing to ensure that the changes have resulted in the desired new behavior and that everything is still working as expected, resolving the issues that crop up, and in rare cases, reverting back to the previous configuration in order to research issue resolution for the next attempt to deploy services. You will feel secure knowing that you have experts on your team that will do what it takes to maintain up-time during your deployment or upgrade.

For more information about how Ricketts Corporation can support your hosting business, including how to purchase and deploy this necessary transport agent, engage our consulting services, and assist with new customer onboarding, contact us today.