Hosted Exchange Requires Ricketts Corporation Transport Agents to Ensure Security of Out of Office Messaging

One of the most important aspects of Hosted Exchange for both users and Hosters is security. Users want to know that the information they’re sending is secure and Hosters want to ensure that client information is secure.Ricketts Corporation’s transport agents can solve your problems with out of office messaging with Hosted Microsoft Exchange by providing additional security not enabled by default Hosted Exchange.

Out of the box, Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2013, and 2016 are unable to differentiate between internal and external out of office message recipients if the recipient is in another tenant on the same platform. This causes messages intended for coworkers to be inadvertently routed to recipients that should only receive the external out of office message. Ricketts Corporation’s transport agents use recipient/sender domain name matching and Active Directory lookups to ensure that out of office messages that are meant to remain internal stay that way.

For more information about how we can help you deploy transport agents that will ensure client Hosted Exchange data security, contact us today.

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