Health Checks

If you are like most hosting companies, your Hosted Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint installations have been around for a while. As time has passed, your platform has experienced organic growth and your technical operations team has also grown. As a result, you may be wondering if your platform is continuing to thrill your customers and if there is anything you can do to continue to be the best choice for these services.

Health Checks are a great way for you to have confidence that your platform is optimized for your customers. Our process will review your entire Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint or Lync configuration to discover ways that you can improve performance and functionality for your customers. We also review Microsoft’s Best Practices to ensure that your multi-tenant offering is as robust as it can be, then investigate any specific concerns that your customers may have raised. The outcome is a report identifying each area of concern that you can then use to optimize your platform.

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