You Can Trust Hosted Exchange Security

One of the worst things that can happen to a company is a breach in email security. This disaster could have a catastrophic effect both commercially and legally.

Commercially the company could suffer the loss of business systems and data. It would also force the company to divert valuable man-hours to fixing the problem that occurred. Other ramifications could include lost revenue and miss business opportunities.

As bad as the commercial effect could be, it could be worse from a legal standpoint. An organization that has an email security breach could be held responsible for losses suffered by a third party as a result of the infected email that was sent from the organizations server, regardless of intention.

Many companies decide on a Hosted Exchange provider because of its ability to maximize email capabilities for minimum costs. But Hosted Exchange security is just as big of a reason to make the migration rather than staying on premise.

For Hosted Exchange providers, their entire business is built on their ability to offer a more secure email environment than a company could do themselves. For this reason, Hosted Exchange providers invest significantly more in security than most IT organizations.

In order to protect the servers and network infrastructure that is so valuable to the provider, they go to great lengths to physically secure their facilities. They are often guarded by video surveillance, multi-factor employee authentication, among other systems.

These providers also go to great lengths to ensure the security of the servers through firewalls, virtual private networks (VPNs), and traffic management tools. They will make sure that the only people able to access the servers are those who are meant to ensuring the security of their clients.

Hosted Exchange can offer an easier, cheaper, and more secure alternative to on premise email solutions. If you’re looking to move to Hosted Exchange, count on the Ricketts Corporation to make the migration seamless for you and your employees.

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