What’s in a Name? Keep it Confidential with a Transport Agent Solution

Hosted Exchange providers know that businesses go to great lengths to keep information confidential and secure – and they expect their email environment to support that goal. One of the most basic pieces of confidential information is employee identification, including names, titles, and email addresses. For many companies, the answer to the question “What’s in a name?” is everything – since people and privacy are key assets.

Of course people routinely become acquainted via email on a regular basis – but these introductions shouldn’t be made through incidental exposure by a Hosted Exchange Platform. Microsoft has well documented that Exchange 2013 contains security loopholes that allow name resolution and directory matching to occur when emails are sent between tenants, even if they are from different organizations. This unfortunately enables a sender to begin typing an email address to a recipient in a different organization that is hosted on the same Hosted Exchange Platform, and be granted access to directory entries that the recipient organization expected to remain private.

To protect tenant information, Microsoft recommends that Hosted Exchange Providers implement a custom Transport Agent. Protect the integrity of your Exchange and the privacy of your tenants with a Transport Agent from Ricketts Corporation. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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