Multi-Tenant Transport Agents

Enhance multi-tenant security in Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2013 and 2016 by deploying Transport Agents as recommended by Microsoft.

In conjunction with the Exchange Server 2010 SP2 release, Microsoft released “Multi-Tenancy and Hosting Guidance, Exchange Server 2010 SP2”, which highlights issues that must be addressed in hosted environments. We have developed a transport agents to address many of these issues.

Our Solutions Enable You To:

  • Enable sender based routing to enable customized routing at the tenant level. This feature is in the Premium Version only.
  • Enable subject based routing to enable customized routing at the user level.
  • Use either recipient\sender domain name matching or Active Directory lookups to correctly deliver external OOF messages between tenants hosted on the same platform.
  • Control routing such that all e-mail coming from external recipients gets delivered directly to the mailbox
  • Specify a list of e-mail senders and recipients who are not routed thru the external SMTP Gateway.
  • Specify the name of the GC to be used for AD lookups
  • Configure Subject Based Routing, allowing your tenants to use external services such as encryption engines based on key words in the subject of an e-mail message.

Additionally, by inspecting X-Header information generated by an external SMTP gateway.

Our Solutions Enable You To:

  • Provide customized routing to tenants for purposes such as routing to third party services by defining the sender domain using a simple CSV configuration file. This feature is in the Premium Version only.
  • Provide customized routing to users for purposes such as encryption that can be enabled for an individual email by adding user-defined keywords to the subject of the message.
  • Enable correct OOF handling; Out of office messages sent between tenants appear as external OOF
  • Prevent name resolution of recipients and matching to directory entries from taking place when emails are sent between tenants.
  • Route all mail through an external SMTP gateway to enable integration with external AV/AS systems and to prevent issues with tenant mailbox moves..


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