Songbird Mailbox Synchronization Tool Makes Mailbox Migration Easy

If you’re considering a mailbox migration of a large amount of users, there may be some worries holding you back. You may be concerned about potential downtime that your business can’t afford, that there may be security concerns, or that with such a large scale migration important content may get lost. But those concerns should be put to rest.

The Songbird Mailbox Synchronization Tool by Ricketts Corporation is designed specifically to handle large-scale email migrations transferring mailboxes and associated server-based mailbox content to a new Exchange securely and efficiently. The seamless migration may even go unnoticed by those affected as there will be no downtime and all mailbox messages will be located exactly where they were prior to the migration. Following the completion of the migration, all messages that had been housed on the previous server will be quickly and easily found with no noticeable differences to the end user.

If you’re attempting a more complex migration task, Ricketts Corporation is available as a consultant that can help you to successfully complete your large-scale migration. Having consulted for many clients in the past, Ricketts Corporation has the experience and tools to ensure that you can efficiently complete your migration with no complications. Some of these tools to handle the migration that involves more advanced information include server-based rules, customer-defined address lists, permissions, and public folder properties.

The Songbird Mailbox Synchronization Tool by Ricketts Corporation will allow your business to migrate thousands of email accounts easily, securely, and efficiently. So if you’re looking into a mailbox migration, contact Ricketts Corporation to learn more about how we can help you make your large-scale organization migration simple.

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