Mailbox Migration Ahead? Make Sure You Have the Right Tool for the Task

When faced with migrating a large volume of users, the priority is on making sure that the migration is successful and that no user downtime is incurred. Even more importantly, users expect that all of their mailbox messages will be in the same spot where they left them before the migration, especially since they may not have even been aware of the migration process that was underway.

Songbird Mailbox Synchronization Tool is the key to making sure that any email migration your enterprise undertakes results in success. Developed specifically to handle even large-scale email migrations, this software tool will securely and efficiently transfer mailboxes and associated server-based mailbox content to a new Exchange. After migration, all messages housed on the previous server will be quickly and easily found with no perceptible change evident to the end user.

For more complex migration tasks, you may need to consider engaging Ricketts Corporation as a consultant in your large-scale migration. We have a variety of tools to handle the migration of more advanced information at an organizational level – such as server-based rules, customer-defined address lists, permissions, and public folder properties.

Contact Ricketts Corporation today to learn more about how Songbird Mailbox Synchronization Tool can make your email migration simple, or how our years of experience in the technical consulting field can make your large-scale organizational migration more efficient.

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