Transport Agents That Allow for User-Based Custom Routing

Hosted Exchange clients often expect subject-based routing and message encryption to enable customized routing options at both the tenant and user levels. At Ricketts Corporation, all of our transport agents offer the features you need to make the most of your Exchange environment. Your customers will appreciate the ability to filter and route their messages to proper encryption engines as they see fit.

Our transport agents support customized subject based routing of messages to allow users to sort their inbox and filter messages. Users can enable this feature by simply specifying keywords in the XML configuration file that, when present in the subject line of any email message, will cause the agent to route that message to external services (such as encryption engines). Allowing users to encrypt messages for an individual email by simply identifying certain keywords prevents confidential information leakage to unspecified or external users, allowing for greater security and proper message routing between tenants.

In today’s world, users expect customization throughout every aspect of their business with the press of a button. The multi-tenant transport agents available from Ricketts Corporation allow users to do just that, while also enhancing the security of the Microsoft Exchange environment. For more information about how we can help you to deploy t transport agents for customized routing at the tenant and user level, contact us today.

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