Platform considerations: size matters!

Size matters when it comes to your mailbox capacity. As you choose platforms, we want to help ensure that you fully understand which platform best meets your company’s needs. Choose something too small, and you’ll need to migrate platforms all over again before you’d like.

As your hosting platform implementation specialists, we can help determine which mailbox size will be necessary for your users and help you select a platform that anticipates those needs. Mailbox size may seem straightforward, but it’s both an art and a science determining how much mailbox space users will need to grow. Between email volume and the exponential growth in attachment file sizes, what seems like a large per-user size may quickly shrink when it comes to everyday use.

You’ll want to select a mailbox size that allows for large file transmission and also for email archiving. No matter what kind of user you’re hosting, we’re here to help choose a platform that makes sense for your business and will provide lasting service with minimal interruption to users. If you’re not sure where to begin, contact us for more information.