Songbird Is Your Solution for Simple Mailbox Migration

When contemplating a switch to Hosted Exchange, whether from your on-premise solution or from an existing hosted platform, you need a powerful tool to complete the transition in a way that is minimally disruptive to your users. If you have several hundred mailboxes, or are searching for an onboarding solution to your Hosted Exchange platform, Songbird Mailbox Synchronization Tool may be the software tool for your business.

With the power and experience of Ricketts Corporation behind this innovative software, Songbird Mailbox Synchronization Tool allows your business to seamlessly migrate from to Hosted Exchange– at an affordable flat rate per mailbox. When you make a move with Songbird Mailbox Synchronization Tool, all connected components of each mailbox are automatically transferred to the target platform. This means that associated emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, journals, notes, and server-based settings remain attached to their respective mailbox. At the end of the process, the supported users of your organization will be able to carry on business as usual – from their new Hosted Exchange.

Don’t let worries of migration keep you tied to an outdated or outgrown e-mail platform. Songbird Mailbox Synchronization Tool can make a direct flight to your new Exchange, and securely deliver all aspects of your users’ mailboxes.