Transport Agent Allows Subject-based Routing

If you’re hosting exchange clients, there’s a good chance that they’ll expect your services to include subject-based routing and the ability to encrypt certain messages. For email hosting tenants in police, fire, medical, technical, finance and other fields, the ability to encrypt messages is essential.

With the Ricketts Corporation transport agent, you can offer subject-based routing that allows a keyword in your email subject to trigger encryption by sending to a third-party encryption engine. For email hosting platforms, this could mean opening up your business to tenants in highly sensitive industries and increasing sales.

No matter what kind of email hosting client base you’ve got, the ability to enable subject-based routing through the Ricketts Corporation transport agent will solve known issues with Microsoft Exchange 2010 and 2013 and allow your hosting business to outperform others in both features and client service. If you have questions about the implementation of subject-based routing for encryption or any other purpose, contact us today for more information.