5 Things that Your Hosted Exchange Can’t Do Without the Ricketts Corporation Multi-Tenant Transport Agent

Many businesses now trust a Cloud Based Hosted Microsoft Exchange Service as the most cost effective way to provide an industry leading messaging and collaboration solution to their end users. However, Microsoft Exchange out of the box has some well documented limitations when configured for Multi-Tenancy and these gaps can manifest themselves in various ways. The Ricketts Corporation Multi-Tenant Transport Agent is a “must-have” software solution designed to make your Exchange Platform more efficient and secure.

Here are five things that the Ricketts Corporation Transport Agent makes possible:

  1. Sender-based routing, which allows individual users and/or domains to have their e-mail routed through a specific gateway or service.

  2. Subject-based routing for email messages. For example, if a sender specifies ENCRYPT in the message subject, it results in the message being routed to a specific encryption engine or external service.

  3. Protecting customer and user privacy by correctly delivering external versus internal Out of Office messages if the recipient is in a different tenant than the sender.

  4. Preventing name resolution from occurring when email is exchanged between users from different organizations on the same Hosted Exchange.

  5. Ensures that all messages sent between users are routed through an external AV/AS gateway.

These are just some of the capabilities that the Ricketts Corporation Multi-Tenant Transport Agent has been developed to provide. By incorporating our solution into your Hosted Exchange environment, you can create a more powerful and secure environment that protects tenant information while providing the tools and resources to be efficient in today’s workplace. If you’re a Hosted Exchange Provider, contact Ricketts Corporation to learn more about our transport agents and how they can benefit your Hosted Exchange.

STOP THE PRESS – Ricketts Corporation is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Multi-Tenant Transport Agent for Exchange 2016!

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